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Google My Business Optimization

Get More Calls From The Maps Pack
Create Offers Your Customers Can't Refuse
Optimize Posts And Pictures To Get More Eyes On Your Business

Google My Business Optimization

For every good local SEO marketing strategy, the first place to start is always with your Google My Bisiness profile.


If you do not have a Google My Business profile set up, then this will be one of the first things we do for you. Having your GMB in place for Local SEO is the most important thing to have done right. When you have this running properly, you should have your business show up in the "3 pack" of the maps listing.


In the past there was 7 spots available in maps, but a couple years ago it was reduced to 3.

So now more then ever it is very important to get in that coveted position. If you have a GMB listing, but it is not showing up at the top of the list, you are missing out on nearly half of the internet users who are searching for your services. You read that correctly. About one half of people click from the maps pack to find answers to their problems. So getting this dialed in can make or break your business goals.

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Google My Business Clean Up

The way we accomplish getting your 3 pack listing to show up for you is first to clean up your Google My Business profile and make sure it is optimized for all of your services and search terms. We make sure your information is perfect as this will effect every aspect of your online marketing efforts. Then we use this info of your NAP (Name/Address/Phone Number) to place on all of your local citation sites. (sites like Yelp or Angie's list) Consistency across all platforms tells Google and other search engines that you are a legitimate business and is a signal to move your listing up in rank.

The next part of your Local SEO Google My Business strategy is to list all of your services and have a healthy description to go along with it. Your hours of operation should also be the same on all platforms.


Next is your posts and pictures attached to your profile. Posts retire after a couple weeks, so posting ads and information about your services OFTEN is important. Google loves active GMB accounts. So remember that your GMB is not a set it and forget it platform. The more pictures you post, and the more posts you make, the better your listing will rank. So get active! If you do not have the time or will to perform these tasks, then we will take this on for you.

Next we make sure your website is attached to your google my business profile so people can easily click to get to your site or contact you.

Then there is reviews. The more the better. Higher ranked 5 star reviews are best, but even a bad review can be turned into a good thing. If your bad review is answered and you solve your customer's problem in a fair manor, then your future potential customers can see that you take care of your customers which also instills trust. If you do not have time for this, then we handle it for you as well.

Citation Building and Optimization

Then there is the very important "Citation Building". We will get your business listed on as many directory sites as possible that are relevant to your business. Not only will this increase your internet marketing by getting your Brand seen by more people, but will help Google understand your business better and move you up in rank.

Put all this together, and you can be in the 3 pack and get more clicks to your website and ultimately more business. We at JClicks Marketing will handle all this for you as part of your Internet Marketing Strategy.

Google My Business Services

For this part of your Digital Marketing Strategy, we can optimize your GMB profile as a one off service and that is it. Or we can (and will) have this optimization as just the first step of your plan. Ongoing optimization will be a task we would love to do for you as this will keep your GMB profile active and in the 3 pack so your current and potential new customers will easily be able to find you. 

Click Below to send us an email to tell us how you would like us to help your business get your Google My Business profile seen by your prospective customers!

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