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Website Design & Development
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Website Development That Converts

Website Development is one of the more important parts of your online marketing efforts. 

Is your website designed to showcase only, or is it designed to look great AND convert? This is what we do here at JClicks Marketing. Build you a lead generation machine.

When it comes to getting your brand known online, one of the major components to this is your website. Obviously.
The question is, what makes a good website compared to a bad or nonperforming one?


Below is a list of some of the most important elements we make sure to get right so you will have more than a showcase website. If you want your website to convert visitors to customers, then read on...

web design that converts.jpg

Clean Website Design

clean website design.jpg

Have a clean and attractive website design. We make sure to update your current website design or make your new website to be appealing to the people who are your target customer. Our goal is to learn about who you cater to, and align your website design to match.

Are they just anyone and everyone?

Are they upper class wealthy, or middle class like most of us?

We then speak in their language to relay your message in a clear easy to understand manor. 


Clean Photos (no pixelation/blurriness) and stunning visuals. We make sure your pictures are as descriptive as the text when it comes to delivering your message to your audience. 

Make good use of "white space."

This is where "nothing" is, which can enhance what you DO want your visitors to focus on. Cluttery websites look bad and are confusing, thus making visitors leave. When they leave quickly, this effects your bounce rate in a negative way and lowers your rank. The goal is to draw them in with stunning visuals and bold and relevant page titles that entice them to read on.

We go as far as to make sure the key elements on your page are aligned within the right eye grid which is where your visitors naturally focus when looking at a website page.

Make A Value Proposition

We make Your Unique Value Proposition(s) Clear.
Visitors should clearly see on your website homepage or landing page why they should do business with you and the benefit of it.
They should understand within 8 seconds who you are, what you offer, and how to get it.

The first Text your visitors see should be this information. Your H1 Title (the first main title of the page) should not only have that clearly stated, but also contain your main target keyword for that page.


"We Build Custom Homes In Vancouver" if you are a custom home builder and want your visitors to know this information right of the start when they land on your website front page. Then there is no mistake that if they are looking for a custom home contractor to build their dream home, they are in the right place and should investigate your offer. Then have appropriate Call To Action buttons in clear view.

Value Proposition.jpg

Clear Call To Action

website call to action.jpg

Have Clear "Call To Actions"

Know what your goal is for your website visitors to do. Do you want them to call you? Fill out a contact form? Click on and interact with your chat bot?

Once you know your call to action(s) then make sure they are in FULL VIEW bright and center in the "hero spot" (the first upper part of the website you see when you have not scrolled down yet)

"call us" "contact us" "get a quote" or a medium size form that can be filled out should be the next thing they see and it should be easy and clear as to what they should do to contact you.

Then we will place calls to action in appropriate places in a few spots.

After your blurb about an install, include a button for "get a quote on installation".

Then at the bottom of the page put in another "Contact us" button. Remember people are lazy and might only click a button if it is right where they are on the page when they find exactly what they came for. When we make it as easy as possible for them to contact you, they will be more likely to do so. This is how we structure your website development design.

Create Epic Content

Obviously have great content. This means great page titles. We make sure to place useful content on your website that addresses why a visitor is on your site in the first place. Again, most people scan a page quickly before deciding if they are going to even bother to read anything. Your headlines will tell them if they landed on the correct website.

This falls into that 8 second rule. So make sure if you do "Installations" or "Repairs" that these words are in BOLD titles so your visitor can scan that and know they should read what you offer.

We will also make sure to have some attractive pictures that also SHOW visitors what your site offers as some people will not read anything. This will satisfy your visual only visitors.

So covering your bases here is key. Once you capture their attention, give them good reason to put in the effort, then they will take the time to actually read your website content. Once they discover that you do indeed have what they need, then they are now likely to click a call to action button and contact you.

website epic content.jpg

Clear And Simple Navigation

website navagation.png

Another important thing that we focus on while making/editing your website design is to make sure every page you want a visitor to get value from, is in your navigation menu.

We make sure that your visitors can EASILY find what they are looking for. This is part of what Google calls "a good user experience"


We also also link out (adding anchor text in the content) from pages like your home page to a service page where it makes sense to do so.

For example, if you are a garage door company and a visitor has a broken spring, they land on your home page, scan it quickly, see that you indeed offer spring changes, in the small blurb about spring changes, there should be some highlighted text that if you click on it, they will land directly to your spring repair page.
Then your spring repair page will instruct them to contact you via clicking the "phone us" or "fill out a form" with a call to action button.

We set up your page to link together for 2 reasons, 

1) This makes it easy for your website visitors to find the information they need fast and easily. 

2) Google loves this as it helps them understand how your website is structured and is a signal that it has a good user experience set up to help people get what they are looking for. This will help your website rank better in search results.

Testimonials Section On Your Website

We make sure you have a "testimonials section" in the proper places as part of your epic website design. Great reviews from happy customers is always a sign that you for sure do provide great service and can prove it. The more the better. Part of our marketing plan for you is to implement a plan on utilizing your current reviews and acquiring new Google reviews and making them a showcase on the right pages of your website.

It is a fact that reviews build confidence with your customers and is the second best form of social proof of your services aside from actual word of mouth. Let's face it, the best social proof you can get is referrals. (which you can't do with a prospect who visits your website that you've never met.)

website testimonials.jpg

Re-targeting Campaigns To Get The Sale

website retargeting.jpg

Even when we do get all of these ninja website conversion elements implemented on your website design,  there will always be visitors who look at your page, and leave without taking any action. A normal conversion rate is around 5 - 20% depending on how good your value proposition is.

Fear not, this is very normal behavior and is attributed to many factors.

We never know what stage of the buyers journey that your website visitors are on. Maybe they are just in information gathering mode and are looking at many potential companies who could handle whatever service they need. Then they might pick out the ones they like best, return, and make a decission.

Maybe during their visit, they got a phone call or someone unexpectedly came over for a visit.

They could be viewing your site from a mobile phone while waiting in line and will come back later.

Either way, we will set up a "Pixel" on the back end of your website what will collect that website visitor's ip information and send it to your Facebook, or Google Ads account. Then when that visitor goes on to Facebook, or a Google supported website platform, we make sure they see your advertisement to send them back to your website to contact you.

I am sure you have heard the saying: "The sale is in the follow up!"

This could never be more true than in internet marketing.

Mobile Optimized Website Design

In this day and age of mobile device usage, it is more important then ever to have your website designed and optimized for mobile use.

Have you ever looked at a website on your phone that you had to scroll sideways to see all the text on the page?

I am betting you went back to search and found another less annoying site to gather your information from right?

So does everyone else. 

We make sure your website is designed on 4 major fronts. Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile phone.

Not only does this just look better and help lessen bounce rate on your website, but when a website is not mobile optimized, Google will send traffic to your competitors that are. Getting ranked higher in search results is very dependent on having all devices optimized and working as they should.

Especially for service based businesses like construction contractors and plumbers, we find that it is about 47% Desktop/Laptop and 47% Mobile and 6% Tablet for the devices people use to find your services. We will cover all the bases to insure everyone has the best user experience on your website.

website optimized for all devices.jpeg

Website Page Load Speed

website page speed.jpg

Website page load speed has always had an effect on your overall search rankings. Recently though, Google has made this element a much bigger ranking factor.

We make sure your pictures are properly sized and optimized with file compression to be the lowest kilobyte size possible without compromising the quality of the picture.

Then we do our upmost to make sure you have your site hosted on fast servers. If the one you use now is fast, then great, if not we might consider moving your site to a faster one.

Then we follow our analytics suggestions to upgrade your website speed to as fast as it can possibly be.

Not to mention that when your website visitors have to wait too long for your page to load, they bounce and visit your competitors. We make sure to not let this happen. We always factor in website speed when making decisions about your website development.

Contact Us to Handle Your Website Development

If you are ready to talk about upgrading your website or to design your new website, give us a call or click below to send us some info about what you are looking for and we at JClicks Marketing will make it happen for you!


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