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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

JClicks Marketing in Chilliwack BC performs Local SEO for "Local Businesses."  By "Local" we mean the city you do business in. Whether you do business in Chilliwack, Vancouver, Texas, or Massachusetts, we can handle all your online advertising and SEO services. Search Engine Optimization is a very important part of your digital marketing plan.

We help a variety of local service based businesses like Garage Door companies, Contractors and Plumbers.

Search Engine Optimization Chilliwack

What exactly is SEO?

At it's core, it is the practice of setting up your website in such a way that Google and other search engines can easily understand what your website is about, and formatting your content to match the way people use search engines to find services like yours when they need them. In other words, matching content to search intent.

There are several moving parts to good Search Engine Optimization. First we deal with the "On Page SEO."

This is making sure all the technical parts of your website are set up so your visitors and Google can easily navigate your content.

This means having a URL structure that is an exact match to what your customers type in when they need what your company sells. 

Ex... "https//www."


Same with your Main Titles or H1 tags. Then we make sure to use the same keywords in the first sentence of your page content. This helps search engines to match your content to a user search. Then we make sure you have engaging epic content to convince your prospects that you are what they need. For a more in depth look at what we do for SEO, check out our blog on SEO

How do we know what people are typing in the Google Search bar? We use many different types of keyword research tools that can help us to know exactly what people in your area are putting in search. Then we research your competition. Knowing what the top sites in your niche and area are doing to get good results will help us to understand what our plan will be to move your website up there with them, and beyond!

Once the researching is done, we can then do everything listed above to build a website that ranks very well.

If we are starting off with a brand new website, SEO takes a bit of time. But it is well worth the wait! The sooner you get the technical stuff done right, the sooner your website can be a lead generating machine. If your site has some age and authority, we can move the needle a bit quicker. Sometimes we need to scrap the old site and start over. Every situation is unique so we always evaluate before moving in a particular direction.

on page and off page seo.png

Next is the "Off Page SEO."

This is where we leave your website and get other sites to point to yours. For example have you ever been reading a post or blog and notice that (usually blue) colored writing that when you click on it, you get sent to a different page or website? That is called "anchor text." (like the above anchor text to check out our blog)


Our job is to get other websites to include a link in their content that when clicked, it directs them to your website. So not only will you get visitors from this, but you also get a boost in your website's ranking. We only use white hat Search Engine Optimization methods to gain valuable links to your website so you can avoid any possible penalties from algorithm changes in the future. When done right, getting these links, or "Backlinks" as they are called, are arguably the most important part of "off page SEO."

Then there is all of your Social Sites that you probably already have. If not we set those up for you. The more mentions and shares that these sites like Facebook and Instagram have of your brand, the better. This is a strong indicator for search engines to know that your content is useful to your audience, and is worth boosting your brand and website up in rank. Put it this way, if people share your content, then Google sees this as valuable content. Since Google only wants to match users to the content that will satisfy their needs, likes and shares tell search engines your content must be good! 


Another very important focus in Search Engine Optimization is your Google My Business listing. We optimize this so you show in the Maps section of search. Since about half of internet users click on sites listed in Maps, this is very important to get right. To learn more about GMB Optimization click here.


The next off page seo item to tackle is your Citations listings. This is when we place your info on as many directory sites as possible that are relevant to your niche. (like yelp for example)

These not only bring in business, but also when set up right, signal Google to trust your brand more, and in turn, boost your rank. Making sure your information is perfect is the key to this. We get this right and watch your website rank rise!

Our SEO Services for you

We understand that all of this Search Engine Optimization stuff can make your head spin. When you have a billion other things to spend your valuable time on, like running your business, all of this can seem like an overwhelming boat load of work and time.

Let JClicks Marketing in Chilliwack take this workload off of your hands and take your business to the next level.


We are Search Engine Optimization specialists who will deliver you real results in a professional manor with an affordable price.

Click the button below to schedule a talk with us to see if we are a good fit for each other. Our first call with you is just that. A non salesy, easy going call to chat about what you do, where you are at with your online presence, and to see what we can do to get you great results with your online marketing strategy.

Click Below To Send Us An Email or Call us directly right now by clicking here

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