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OUR Internet Marketing SERVICES

At JClicks Marketing we do not take a one size fits all approach. Rather we look at your business and current Internet marketing strategy and discover what is working and what is not. Then I will have a free no obligation brainstorming meeting with you and your team to come up with the best solutions to boost your revenue using the latest techniques in Digital Marketing available today. 


If you have a current internet marketing process in place already, that is great! We will find ways to improve and streamline it. If not, then we can discuss what types of marketing strategies will work best for your business. 


Whether the best approach includes simply boosting your brand through editing your website with the latest white hat SEO practices, using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or paid advertisements like Google PPC Ads (pay per click) or Facebook Advertising and retargeting, or all 3. The right solution for your digital marketing can only be discovered through a detailed discussion about your business and personal goals.


Internet Marketing can be confusing and intimidating. Any advice given in a meeting with me is free and actionable. So you can take what you learn and run with it yourself, or let us at JClicks Marketing help you out.

So click the "Contact Us" or "Call Us" button and lets get busy!

Google My Business Optimization Chilliwack

Google My Business Optimizing


This is always where we start. One of the most important parts of your Local SEO online presence is to get your Google My Business profile on point. When you use this correctly, you will be found in the "3 Pack". 

This is the place you need to be if you want a steady flow of business. In today's world people will often call the first number they see.

The Google Maps section is where they will see you first. Our job is to make sure you have everything in place within your GMB profile to get you to the top. 

Let us configure your listing to be the best it can and get you found when people are looking for you.

Website Development Chilliwack

Website Development


Great website design is also a big part of your internet marketing. Not only is it our goal to make sure you love your website, but we also strive to make sure your customers do too. The most important elements to get right are :


1) How your website looks

We make sure you have stunning visuals, videos and button animations and functionality.


2) Great Content

Great content that addresses the search intent of your visitors will lead to higher Domain Authority which results in higher search rankings and visitor engagement.


3) Conversion Elements

We make sure that within 5 seconds of landing on your home page that your visitors will know exactly what you offer and how they can get it. We make sure you have attractive call to action buttons placed in all the right places to insure the best possible conversion rates.

4) SEO

We make sure all the elements within your website are set up with the best practices as far as search engine optimization goes. Getting all the big and small things just right will increase your ranking.

Google Ads Management

Google Ads Management


Google Ads can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. 

When done without proper knowledge of how to get results, using this platform can be expensive. We talk to many businesses who think Google Ads don't work. (or at least for their business)

We get it. The platform can be intimidating to say the least. 

When done right, Google Ads can be the most profitable and scalable part of your marketing efforts. Tracking ROI (return of investment) can be challenging and confusing. Our Ads Experts can make sure you know where every dollar of your ad spend is going, and how much return you are getting.

Let us completely manage this task and get you results that you never imagined were possible.

SEO. Search engine optimization Chilliwack


(Search Engine Optimization)


Search Engine Optimization is the next step.

This is your "Long Term Strategy"

Proper Local SEO takes time to build. I will work tirelessly to make sure best practices are in place as fast as possible.

Before we dive into paid online advertisements, we want to make sure you can be found organically. This means that when someone types in a search for your type of service, that they will see your website show up on page 1 of search.

It is a fact that most searchers do not search beyond page 1 and almost nobody goes beyond page 2.

Getting your "On Page SEO" elements on point for the search terms that your customers are typing in is the key.

This means Keyword research, and implementing those search terms in your content. This means getting the technical aspects of your whole website dialed in.

Without getting into specifics, lets just say there is a lot to it. From proper URL structure, the best H1 titles, internal linking, creating unique Meta descriptions, using Alt Tags properly, and more is just the beginning.

"Off Page SEO" is next. This includes making sure you have the proper Citation sites (like Yelp) properly organized and optimized. This is getting the right Backlinks with the best backlink profile to the right pages of your website. And more.

Our job is to take all this off your hands so you can concentrate on running your business, not your website.

Google analytics Chilliwack



Keeping track of EVERYTHING that happens within your website is very important.

Where are your visitors coming from?

How did they find you?

What actions on your site did they take?

What pages did they visit? And for how long?

What parts of your website are working as expected?

What parts are not?

What can you do with your website to get more traffic?

Are we implementing the best keywords in the content?

And so on...

Analytics are the best way to measure your website against the other companies who you compete against for your services. We know what to look for and have experience in using this data to get the results you desire.

We also take the time to explain exactly what you are looking at when we send our reports to you. 

With great analytics comes the ability to see where you are currently at, and map out a blueprint on how to get where you want to be with your business.

All of our customers are plugged into our very extensive and complete analytics dashboard which you will have access to 24/7. 

This way at any time you can look at the campaign with your own eyes whenever you want. We find this keeps everything transparent, and you can rest assured that we are doing our part and moving the needle for you.

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