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Dero Construction - A Success Story

Updated: May 20, 2023

A Quick Success Story

At JClicks Marketing we help many business owners create their online presence. About 6 weeks ago we started work with Dero Construction in Chilliwack, BC. As far as a presence online went, there was none to speak of in the beginning.

No GMB, Facebook or Website. If you google searched them, or their services, nothing came up in results pages for them.

Our job was to create brand awareness and boost their sales with reaching organic traffic from search engine related search terms.

The first step was to create a Google My Business profile for Dero Construction. We created the page, optimized photos with geo location attributes, made a couple posts and optimized all services with detailed descriptions.

The next step was creating their Facebook Business page.

We used the same image as you will see on their website home page to keep all platforms consistent and create a brand look and feel for their company. We invited friends to like the page to quickly gain some popularity and not look so new.

Then was the larger task. The website. The initial website took about 10 days to complete. Then constant keyword research and page content tweaking during the following weeks. With careful initial keyword research and url planning, on page and off page optimization, picture/alt tag and geo tag optimization, creating epic search based content, and everything else that goes into good SEO practice, I am happy to say the website is performing EXCELLENTLY so far!!! For the most competitive search terms like: "renovation Chilliwack" we have now achieved page 1 ranking. "Renovation Company Chilliwack" is also page 1 "home addition chilliwack" - Page 1 "kitchen renovation chilliwack" page 1 "bathroom renovation chilliwack" page 1 "home add-on Chilliwack" - page 1 position 1

"Home Addition Chilliwack" page 1 "renovation contractor Chilliwack" page 1 and rising and the list goes on.

I am not sure if most people know, but results like these normally take about 3 to 6 months with constant content tweaking and building a large list of relevant backlinks to build authority.

So, how did we accomplish it?

To start with, we barely built backlinks. Just a hand full of citation websites (like Yelp), Facebook page and the GMB page to help build trust with google and to get out of the google sandbox as fast as possible. Then we concentrated on website usability (also known as user experience) This would be work done with the url structure, interlinking strategies to show google what pages are important to rank for, menu accessibility and so on. Then is the actual text content. What we do is look at many, and I mean many of the top websites in the renovation space, compare what kind of content search engines are looking for, and then create even more authoritative content. Then within the building the website phase, we make sure to have stunning visuals. Most of the pictures of actual work done is the work of Dero Construction. They did a great job providing quality pictures right at the start of the project. Then we used artsy type pictures for the header images for ascetics. Finally we placed call to action and forms where appropriate for conversions. The page 2 results are still climbing in search results and are expected to land on page 1 in the coming weeks. All in all this website is a success and will continue to climb the ranks as it is set up to do so.

You can check out the website here

Let me know what you think!!

If you or someone you know has a poorly ranking website or none at all, and want to increase your visibility, contact me and let's talk about how we can get these results for your business! Just send me a message right here on our contact form

It has been a fun project to work on, James Derover was awesome to work with, and we are happy to have such great results!!

Congrats to Dero Construction!

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